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Ashfield Park Primary

School Re opening 8th March 

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Dear Parents and Guardians,


As I am sure you are now aware, all pupils will return to school from Monday 8th March. We look forward to welcoming all our children back into our premises and as staff, we have missed that “buzz” that we have when we have the whole school attending.


I have attached a timetable of starting and finishing times from March 8th. It is imperative you are on time to drop off or pick up your children please as this ensures the safety of everyone coming onto site by trying to keep footfall to a minimum and also maintaining smooth running of day to day operations.


In particular, for those parents whose children have been attending school during lockdown please note the changes to your usual routines and follow our guidelines.


Entrance to school site

This will be through the main gate on Redhill Road. There are no other entrance points at any time during the school day.


Exit from the school site

 Down the driveway for all KS2 and Year 1 and 2 parents onto Redhill Road.

 Or, through the side gate onto the path for N,R,3,4,5,6 year groups.

 Only Nursery, Reception and Year 4 parents may go out through the main school gates (down the slope) as they will be picking up from the EYFS/KS1 playground.


Drop off timings/points

 Drop off timings/points are on the timetable but a senior leader will be on the main school gate to support in the first few days if you need assistance.

We ask that as many KS2 children as possible come onto the school site without parents. This has worked extremely well in the past and has enabled us to keep foot fall to a minimum.

However, for those KS2 children who may have additional needs, we will allow parents to accompany their child (ren) onto the site


Pick up timings/points

These are also on the timetable. Please ensure you arrive on time to collect your child(ren) particularly if you are picking up more than one sibling.

Parents in Year 3, 5 and 6 please wait in your designated areas at the rear of the KS2 playground


Breakfast and After School Club

 Normal service continues for this provision and please book either through Parent Pay or email admin@ashfieldpark.hereford.sch.uk.  Please provide 24 hrs notice of attendance as we will not accept children just being dropped off in the morning unless in very exceptional circumstances.  


 Free School Meal (FSM) Entitlement

 The school will provide a hot school meal daily for those children entitled to FSM and attending school. (Children from Reception to Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal as part of a universal guarantee)

 Parents of KS2 who wish to pay may do so through Parent Pay

 FSM vouchers will not be distributed from 8th March.

 Please book all school meals through Parent Pay

  If your circumstances have changed and you feel you may be entitled to FSM or if you have any other school meal related queries please do not hesitate to email the School Business Manager Alison Price: aprice@ashfieldpark.hereford.sch.uk


 Coming onto the school site

 Please ensure face coverings are worn unless you are medically exempt. This is for everyone’s safety.

 Please remember that washing and sanitising hands is still a very effective method of stopping the spread of the virus.

 Please ensure you don’t huddle together in groups when on site. Keeping distance also stops the spread of the virus. Leave the site immediately you have collected your child (ren).


School attendance

From March 8th attendance is now compulsory for all school aged children and this includes children who were previously shielding. (For shielded children please refer to a medical guidance for further confirmation if necessary) Your child should be returning to school unless there is a clear medical reason as to why they cannot attend. If your child is not able to attend you must inform the school office. You could potentially be fined for poor attendance.

If your child is not able to attend school, please follow normal school procedures and notify the admin team ASAP. We have a legal duty to follow up all non-attendance due to potential safeguarding reasons.


  All children will be expected to wear the correct school uniform and have appropriate hairstyles. Children who have long hair must have it tied back with the correct coloured headband/bobbles. No jewellery in school apart from stud earrings. No make up for any child and this includes nail varnish. Appropriate footwear must be worn and normal day to day trainers for example will not be acceptable.


We will continue with our present policy of children coming into school wearing the appropriate PE kit on PE days at this moment in time.


Children should not bring in any equipment from home other than their packed lunch if they are having one and their reading book bag to house their reading book. No other equipment is needed. Coats will also be needed as we are still experiencing colder days. School jumpers/cardigans also need to be in school as we have increased ventilation in classrooms.

We would also advise that children have a healthy snack to consume at morning break time too, although fruit will be provided for Reception and KS1 children as usual.

Covid symptoms

If anyone in your household is presenting with Covid symptoms then please do not under any circumstances send your child to school but book tests.

Finally, from myself and my team, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your patience and support in this (hopefully final) lockdown period. If you have any general queries then please email either admin@ashfieldpark.hereford.sch.uk or for queries of a more personal nature please email me: head@ashfieldpark.hereford.sch.uk.

Best wishes and looking forward to seeing you all once again,

Mr. Kendrick